Who are you?

Holy Redeemer MCC is a member congregation of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC) www.mccchurch.org

MCC began with a service held in our founder’s Los Angeles living room on October 6, 1968. Counting our founder, Rev. Troy Perry, there were 13 in attendance at that first service. Troy had become aware of the despair that many gay and lesbian people felt because of the rejection they experienced in faith communities and, through a his own experiences, felt strongly that God loved all people equally without regard to their sexual orientation. He held the service because he became convinced that God was leading him to provide a place where gay and lesbian people could worship in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance. Since its founding in 1968, MCC has grown into a denomination of approximately 300 churches in 18 countries throughout the world. Worldwide membership surpassed 40,000 in 2000.

What are your basic beliefs?

Our faith is based upon the historic creeds: Apostles’ and Nicene. We believe in a Triune God–God our Parent-Creator; Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, God in flesh, human; and the Holy Spirit, God as our Sustainer. Both locally and through our affiliation with Metropolitan Community Churches, we proclaim God’s love for ALL persons, participate in a ministry of social justice, and advocate the human rights of all persons.

 Do you have a special ministry emphasis?

Yes. We are a Christian church with a special ministry to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender people, but ALL people seeking a Christ-centered church home where they can worship and serve together in love and mutual respect are welcome.

  Who is your pastor?

Reverend A. Leon (Lee) Tredwell is a native of Norfolk, Virginia and is the son of the late Leon C. and Berdine H. Wells Tredwell. He is a graduate of Norview High School, completing his first two years of college at Virginia Union University, Richmond, Va. Lee received his Bachelor of Science degree from Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota and his Master of Arts degree from United Seminary St. Paul, Minnesota.

Rev. Tredwell recently earned his Ph.D. in Religion and Social Change from Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado. Lee’s dissertation entitled: “Black, Queer and Blessed: Toward a Black, Biblically Based Black Queer, Narrative of Leadership, pushes the intellectual boundaries of biblical scholarship by expositing a previously ignored “queer” biblical character – Ebed-Melech.

A Lecturer at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he teaches 21st Century Leadership, Lee also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Iliff School of Theology, where he is noted for his course in African American Preaching. In August of 2016, Lee was re-ordained at Calvary Baptist Church of Denver as an openly “queer” Black male.

Lee is the father of three adult children and grandfather of four.

Are children welcomed at HRMCC?

Yes, certainly! We have always tried to make it clear that children are welcome. They have been a joy in the life of our congregation.

Can I help?

Let us know what your passion for ministry is and we will find a place for you to serve and grow. There is much to do and YOUR talents are needed. Needs include (but are not limited to!) musicians, vocal group members, persons interested in teaching and education programs, help with all kinds of administrative tasks, persons interested in helping with community pastoral care needs, persons skilled in sign language, publicists, ushers, those interested in helping plan “pot lucks” and other community events, accountants, financial and fund raising advisors, persons interested in reaching out to the community outside the church walls—and more. We can use your gifts!

 Right now I just need to worship and “veg.” Can I do that?

Absolutely! The call of Christ is always a call to discipleship and service, but we know that the first major job most of us have when we rediscover God’s love for us is just to immerse ourselves in that love for awhile and let healing happen. Over time, God will help us get strong enough to get involved and point us in the direction of service that God knows is “just right” for us. But if some space to just rest in God’s arms and worship is what you need right now, we will understand because most of us have been there.

Others are already back on the path to restored relationship with God, but just won’t be able to pitch in right now because they are already deeply committed to doing some other important volunteer work, are caring for a partner or family member who is ill, or for any number of other reasons. That is OK too.

In short, we need your talents and gifts and will appreciate whatever you may want to do to further God’s reign here, but don’t stay away or be embarrassed if you just need to come pray and celebrate with us while you do other things that God has called you to do. We’ll do our best to provide the spiritual food you need for your journey.

  How can I get more information?

Please see our Contact Us page. We encourage you to:

Write us, either by postal or electronic mail.
You can call the church office and leave a message for us. We are not yet large enough to have an office staff to answer your call personally during the week, but we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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