Clergy On Staff

A Lecturer at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he teaches 21st Century Leadership, Lee also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Iliff School of Theology, where he is noted for his course in African American Preaching. In August of 2016, Lee was re-ordained at Calvary Baptist Church of Denver as an openly “queer” Black male. Lee is the father of three adult children and grandfather of four.

Rev. Mary Bohacek

Rev. Mary is currently the pastor of Shenandoah Valley MCC in Winchester, VA. She also works full time, as a Medical Case Manager at AIDS Response Effort, Inc. also located in Winchester VA. Rev. Mary re-located to Winchester full time in early 2018, but has been serving at SVMCC since 2016. She has been committed to HIV related social work for the past eight years. Rev. Mary earned her Masters of Divinity at Lancaster Theological Seminary and her Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from Hollins University. Rev. Mary has also completed four units of Clinical Pastoral Education and has served as a hospital chaplain resident. Her education also includes MCC training for transitional ministry for Intentional Interim Pastors. She served at the Interim Pastor of Vision of Hope MCC for two years before they called their current pastor.
Rev. Mary’s pastoral voice often includes a call to grow our community and to be of service to one another. She identifies as a Progressive Christian. Her family of origin’s faith communities in the Catholic and Presbyterian Churches have heavily influenced her faith journey. Mary enjoys craft projects and reading for pleasure. She is also an avid Lego and vintage Pyrex collector. Mary’s family of choice includes her long distance, polyamorous, queer relationship of nine years. Her family also includes her best friend who became a sibling. He moved in for a few weeks at the beginning of the pandemic… and still lives in the guest room a year and a half later. Mary’s dog is named Eugene and he lives with his mom in Pennsylvania, they visit their Mary as often as possible.

Rev. Jen Glass

Rev. Jen graduated from Lancaster Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity degree and earned a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Ministry from Boston College. Jen received a BA in English and Communications from Alvernia College. She has completed a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Lancaster General Hospital.

Jen grew up in the Roman Catholic Church and was an Associate in Mission in the Dominican Republic for a year after graduating from college. She still finds a connection with Franciscan Spirituality.

Jen and her long-term partner Maria share their home with 5 of God’s creatures, 2 dogs and 3 cats. Besides her biological family, Jen also has chosen family.

Jen enjoys watching baseball, either the Reading Fightin Phils or the Philadelphia Phillies. In addition, she likes listening to music, reading books or watching TV. Jen is also an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego), particularly interested in Classic Space and minifigures.

Pastor’s Welcome

Blessings to you!

I’m hoping that as you hear this greeting, you are feeling blessed and excited about your journey in life, or perhaps it’s a down day and you are wondering how you are going to make through.  In either case, I am recommending that you consider an engagement with the Spiritual dimension of our existence. I invite you to come join us in worship at Holy Redeemer Metropolitan Community Church, College Park, Maryland. From our perspective, three major ingredients combine and synergize to create an impactful worship experience. First, a warm and welcoming fellowship. A group of people who are diverse in origins and cultural development. A people who understand that if the Creator didn’t make two snowflakes the same, surely each living human soul is a unique and wondrous creation of the divine.  Straight, gay, queer, black, white, brown, come onecome all. All are welcome. Second, great music.  Music which speaks to the heart and uplifts the human spirit. Covid-19 and our inability to gather has certainly impacted our normal musical capacity, but we invite you to join with us as we are one show working harddespite this barrier to increase our musical capacity and impact.  Please come watch us as we grow! The Third ingredient is an articulate biblical interpretation which is both theologically sound and contextually relevant.

As the Senior Pastor at Holy Redeemer, the preached word is one of my primary responsibilities and weekly I search the scriptures to identify pericopes, narratives, and allegories which speak to our context in an attempt to reveal the Word of God for our current season.Come and check us out.  Please request a reservation by sending an email to join us at 11 a.m. on Sunday morning. Looking forward to an opportunity to fellowship with you soon.