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Welcome to Holy Redeemer Metropolitan Community Church!

We meet for worship every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. ALL are welcome to attend. We are a congregation whose ministry focus is to the GLBTQ community.   


   Our Congregation
We’re very glad that you have taken this opportunity to learn more about who we are as a people and community of faith! We hope that you find our community to be a blessing, and welcome you to become a part of our family. Our goal is to make this a place where you can welcome Christ into your heart and into your life, and embark on a new spiritual journey toward wholeness, or grow deeper in Christ if you are already on such a journey. We invite you to join us after our Sunday worship for refreshments and fellowship. Please use this opportunity to get to know our community and the diversity we celebrate. Feel free to ask questions, enjoy fellowship, and explore the possibilities we offer.


HRMCC is located in College Park, Maryland, is a gay-friendly city which is home to University of Maryland. Of the 25 U.S. metro areas with the highest percentage of gay and lesbian households the DC metro area is one of the top 10. We are a bedroom community to our nation’s capital and our members hail from across the DC metro area. Activism and demonstrations are an everyday occurrence around us. We have the proximity of the federal government’s headquarters here in the metro area with many cultural events and national museums. In addition, there are a plethora of restaurants and cultural activities available throughout DC metro area.


Holy Redeemer Metropolitan Community Church
seeks to engage a
small group of capable (SATB) singers to anchor our choir and augment our
musical capability in worship. Each selected singer will receive a weekly
honorarium of up to $75 per worship service, depending on skill level.


The candidates we seek will be evaluated o the following criteria:
• A pleasing voice with reliable pitch that can anchor other singers
• Ability to sing vocal parts from score (or memory),including solos.
• Ability to improvise compelling vocal harmony in realtime performance

Holy Redeemer MCC
4907Niagrara Rd. Ste 101
College Park, Md.20740